Make Your Flooring Last Longer

When you invest in new floors, you want them to last longer. Perhaps you put money into luxury vinyl plank flooring in lake charles la. Now you want a return on that investment. Below are some ways to make your floors last longer.

Bring in a flooring expert to give you flooring advice

luxury vinyl plank flooring in lake charles la

If your floor is not performing as it should, or you have scratches and other problems with the floor, ask for help. A flooring professional can come in and provide you with flooring advice on how to make your floors last longer. Floor care products can be applied that will protect the floor from everyday wear and tear. You want the floor to look better, and this is one way of doing it.

Keep your pets off the floor 

The one thing that will destroy wood floors faster than anything else is pet urine. If you have dogs or cats, contain them in certain areas so they don’t go on the floor as often. Also use mats at entrances and exits to flooring that is used the most. This will limit the exposure of flooring to pet urine or other floor damaging elements.

Remove floor stains immediately 

If you have spilled a stain on your floor, act quickly. Get up whatever liquid you can and then blot it with paper towels. A floor cleaning professional can give you advice on removing tough stains from floors. If this doesn’t work, try using an enzymatic cleaner or something similar that targets odors instead of just covering them up with another smell like strong perfumes do. You may need to buy products for cleaning floors made by the same company as your flooring so they know exactly what will clean their product best. Use floor protective materials to ensure your floor is always protected to some extent.

5 Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

Your kids’ safety is the most critical thing in the world. Often parents spend countless hours and a lot of money installing protective devices that keep children from growing or electrocuting themselves. However, parents often forget that the best way to ensure a child’s safety is to have proper flooring.

Kid-friendly flooring should be hypoallergenic, slip-proof, and durable. If your current flooring is causing injuries to your children, consider the following five kid-friendly flooring options!

Cork Flooring: This flooring has antibacterial properties and is very soft. Additionally, cork flooring is highly durable and will protect your child from any injury from accidental falls.

Carpet: Carpet can be very soft and comfortable. In addition, carpet provides a cushion when falls occur. However, carpeting does not absorb moisture. If you have a child that is prone to spills or hasn’t been potty trained, consider installing wall-to-wall carpet as they get older.

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Kids Laminate Flooring: This luxury vinyl plank flooring is ideal for playrooms, hallways, and communal spaces. In addition to its incredible durability, vinyl laminate or plank flooring is also water-resistant, minimizing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Carpet Tile: Carpet tile is a click-together tile in pre-made patterns, shapes, colors, and designs. In addition to being extremely hypoallergenic, carpet tile can be molded to fit any floor plan dimension. It is easy to install and easy to replace should stains or spills occur.

Cork Tile: This tile is highly durable and soft. The material also has the benefit of being moisture resistant, meaning if your child spills a drink on the floor or wets it, that moisture will be able to evaporate. As with all nature-based products, cork tile is also the best way to ensure that your child’s allergies are not affected by your flooring.

Tips For Ensuring Your HVAC System Is Running Properly

When we run a business, we want to make sure that every penny that goes out is just as important as every penny that comes in. when looking at the core expenses of a business, typically the electricity that we use and the heating and cooling of the building are going to be our largest uncontrolled expenses. As a result, commercial hvac in Ardmore is a service that you need to have in order to maintain a constant usage and bill structure.

Have your systems checked

You want to have your heating and cooling systems checked twice a year. You want the heating to be checked before fall and winter hit as well as having your air conditioning checked before spring and summer. You want your space to be a constant temperature all year round. No time to shout down due to it being too hot or cold to work.

Have your coils cleaned and inspected

commercial hvac in Ardmore

This is going to be a necessary part of having your air conditioning or heating systems maintained. They need to make sure that there is no mold growing in the coils. If there is, it needs to be removed and the system gets inspected for leaks or cracks which can cause major problems with your HVAC unit.

Your maintenance contract should include:

·    A routine inspection of your heating and cooling system

·    An efficiency assessment on all systems that need to be maintained. This will ensure that you don’t pay too much for a unit or over run on the budget due to high energy costs.

If the cost is something that concerns you, then make sure your contract includes regular bank reconciliation for financing the project.

Commercial HVAC repairs can be expensive which is why you want to make sure that your HVAC system has the ability to recover from minor issues before it becomes a major problem.

Epoxy Features To Take Note Of

epoxy floors

One too many may not be able to be squeezed into this short introduction. So after you’ve done and dusted your brief intro to epoxy floors you could take up your growing interest with a more extensive overview, most likely with one of the epoxy flooring specialists out there. So to begin then. Generally speaking, epoxy floors are a growing preference amongst commercial and industrial business owners owing to its strength.

Unless the force is going to be extreme and perhaps even deliberate, it’s going to be quite a challenge to break down these epoxy floors to shreds. It retains the upper hand over other flooring materials owing to its potential for long life. It could outlast all others provided of course that the floors remain well cared for, maintained in the suggested manner and of course are always cleaned. On that last note, that’s probably going to be important.

Workshops cannot expect to stay in business for much longer if they’re not up to scratch with their regular housekeeping and risk management practices. Epoxy floors may well be good and strong but really, they’re never going to be invincible. Regular neglect could ultimately lead to levels of grime worthy of weighing a ton grinding away the epoxy surface like the poorest form of wallpaper you may have ever encountered.

Hardly a feature for now so perhaps this could just serve as a friendly consumer warning for now. Other than that, epoxy floors will remain as resilient and durable as they come. Provided of course that they are well cared for, cleaned and maintained in the proper manner. And so it goes that should the housekeeping and maintenance work be too much for you at this time, you could always use the help of the epoxy flooring specialists.

What Are Some Popular Jobs For People With Skills

When we have skills, we believe that we are in demand. However, if we don’t know how to promote ourselves or get our message out there that we can do these things, we won’t start seeing results. For many, being a handyman in phoenix, az sounds like a great opportunity to make a living. What jobs are going to be good for people with skills?


A plumber can work as a professional through a company or for themselves as a handyman. If you can fix a leaky pipe or if you can unclog a drain, then your skills can be transferred to those of a handyman.

An electrician

handyman in phoenix, az

An electrician is in high demand as well. Your skills can be transferred to a handyman if you know how to install wiring or if you do rewiring for homes and businesses alike.


Carpenter is always in high demand. You can work as a handyman and make repairs or do maintenance on behalf of people who don’t have the time to fix things around their homes or businesses.

Tile installer

If you know how to tile, your skills can easily be transferred to a handyman and you can start doing bathroom repairs. You can also lay tile in many different areas of the house such as the kitchen, living room, dining room and more. Wherever you have a floor you can lay tile.


Gardening is definitely a handyman’s skill. If you’re good with plants and know how to plant, maintain and make a garden look great then your skills are transferrable to that of a handyman. It is also a good job for people who like to work outside and with their hands. Many people, myself included don’t want to go out there and deal with the lawn. So, I hire a handyman to come in and do it for me.

A Blissful Bathroom Idea Or Two

It happens. Sometimes you lose your focus, you lose your concentration, and the idea is dropped. You soon forget it even happened. Not like that. Like this. Like the competent professional writer, do carry a small notebook and pen with you at all times. If not that, do make more productive use of your smart mobile phone with a decent enough sized screen, along with a secure and reliable internet connection, and do make good use of that too.

You soon see how it all goes. If you are short of bathroom ideas in fenton, mo at this time, you scroll through listed bathroom ideas on the internet, sometimes running into a second search engine page, and by the time you spot one or two bathroom ideas that you might like, and might like to use, you make use of your software tools to bookmark or save until a later time, directly after you have had what we all like to call our Eureka moments.

And you know; that lightbulb flashing above your head? Things like that. So do enjoy your bathroom idea moments while they last. But do not put them off. Start talking. Start talking to those in the know. Superb designers who have that gift to leave you gasping. It just looks so fabulous! And you wonder to yourself; just how they did that. So folks, time to start talking. Get the ball rolling towards seeing to it that your newly-found bathroom ideas come to life. 

bathroom ideas in fenton, mo

Old bathroom uprooted, like bad weeds in the garden. Floors cleaned thoroughly of its muck and debris. All old cracked tile removed from the walls and all. Paint scraped off of the peeling walls. That’s how it all starts. Enjoy!

Why You Need a Porch Screen

When you are spending a lot of time in your porch, you may be annoyed at the bugs and other critters that get inside that area. When you have a screened in porch, you can avoid those issues. Some of the reasons to invest in a porch screen include:

The porch is a great place for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Having a porch screen will not only add to the look of your porch but also give you protection from insects that may be flying around.

screened in porch

Most porch screens are made of mesh or wire, which allows fresh air to circulate through an area without allowing bugs inside. You can enhance your porch with different types of outdoor screening as well as create privacy for guests and loved ones who visit by placing outdoor porch screens up during parties or other events in the porch.

If you have a screened in porch, you do not need to worry about bugs getting inside your home either because they cannot easily get through these types of porch screens.

Setting up outdoor porch screens before hosting a party can help keep any unwanted guests out. If you have food and other things you do not want to share with strangers, porch screens can keep them out by blocking the porch from view.

Outdoor porch screens also offer a great solution for people who have porch parties that they would like to maintain privacy in. You can put porch screens up and still allow guests to enter your porch while shielding their view of certain things like food, drinks or entertainment in progress.

The porch screen will help you maintain privacy without letting bugs inside of your home. If you are trying to enjoy your backyard space but find yourself annoyed at all the bugs flying around, you may be able to keep them out just by setting up outdoor porch screens outside.