5 Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

Your kids’ safety is the most critical thing in the world. Often parents spend countless hours and a lot of money installing protective devices that keep children from growing or electrocuting themselves. However, parents often forget that the best way to ensure a child’s safety is to have proper flooring.

Kid-friendly flooring should be hypoallergenic, slip-proof, and durable. If your current flooring is causing injuries to your children, consider the following five kid-friendly flooring options!

Cork Flooring: This flooring has antibacterial properties and is very soft. Additionally, cork flooring is highly durable and will protect your child from any injury from accidental falls.

Carpet: Carpet can be very soft and comfortable. In addition, carpet provides a cushion when falls occur. However, carpeting does not absorb moisture. If you have a child that is prone to spills or hasn’t been potty trained, consider installing wall-to-wall carpet as they get older.

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Kids Laminate Flooring: This luxury vinyl plank flooring is ideal for playrooms, hallways, and communal spaces. In addition to its incredible durability, vinyl laminate or plank flooring is also water-resistant, minimizing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Carpet Tile: Carpet tile is a click-together tile in pre-made patterns, shapes, colors, and designs. In addition to being extremely hypoallergenic, carpet tile can be molded to fit any floor plan dimension. It is easy to install and easy to replace should stains or spills occur.

Cork Tile: This tile is highly durable and soft. The material also has the benefit of being moisture resistant, meaning if your child spills a drink on the floor or wets it, that moisture will be able to evaporate. As with all nature-based products, cork tile is also the best way to ensure that your child’s allergies are not affected by your flooring.