Make Your Flooring Last Longer

When you invest in new floors, you want them to last longer. Perhaps you put money into luxury vinyl plank flooring in lake charles la. Now you want a return on that investment. Below are some ways to make your floors last longer.

Bring in a flooring expert to give you flooring advice

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If your floor is not performing as it should, or you have scratches and other problems with the floor, ask for help. A flooring professional can come in and provide you with flooring advice on how to make your floors last longer. Floor care products can be applied that will protect the floor from everyday wear and tear. You want the floor to look better, and this is one way of doing it.

Keep your pets off the floor 

The one thing that will destroy wood floors faster than anything else is pet urine. If you have dogs or cats, contain them in certain areas so they don’t go on the floor as often. Also use mats at entrances and exits to flooring that is used the most. This will limit the exposure of flooring to pet urine or other floor damaging elements.

Remove floor stains immediately 

If you have spilled a stain on your floor, act quickly. Get up whatever liquid you can and then blot it with paper towels. A floor cleaning professional can give you advice on removing tough stains from floors. If this doesn’t work, try using an enzymatic cleaner or something similar that targets odors instead of just covering them up with another smell like strong perfumes do. You may need to buy products for cleaning floors made by the same company as your flooring so they know exactly what will clean their product best. Use floor protective materials to ensure your floor is always protected to some extent.