What Are Some Popular Jobs For People With Skills

When we have skills, we believe that we are in demand. However, if we don’t know how to promote ourselves or get our message out there that we can do these things, we won’t start seeing results. For many, being a handyman in phoenix, az sounds like a great opportunity to make a living. What jobs are going to be good for people with skills?


A plumber can work as a professional through a company or for themselves as a handyman. If you can fix a leaky pipe or if you can unclog a drain, then your skills can be transferred to those of a handyman.

An electrician

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An electrician is in high demand as well. Your skills can be transferred to a handyman if you know how to install wiring or if you do rewiring for homes and businesses alike.


Carpenter is always in high demand. You can work as a handyman and make repairs or do maintenance on behalf of people who don’t have the time to fix things around their homes or businesses.

Tile installer

If you know how to tile, your skills can easily be transferred to a handyman and you can start doing bathroom repairs. You can also lay tile in many different areas of the house such as the kitchen, living room, dining room and more. Wherever you have a floor you can lay tile.


Gardening is definitely a handyman’s skill. If you’re good with plants and know how to plant, maintain and make a garden look great then your skills are transferrable to that of a handyman. It is also a good job for people who like to work outside and with their hands. Many people, myself included don’t want to go out there and deal with the lawn. So, I hire a handyman to come in and do it for me.